Modern History 1

By Luke Cashman, Pam Cupper, Shane Hart, Natalie Shephard, Rachel Towns and Stephen White
Published by HTAV, 2021

Introduction to Modern History

(FOR VCE STUDENTS) | VCE History Study Design 2022–2026 
First things first! What will you be learning? How you will be assessed? Before you do anything, read the Study Design on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website.

Online chapters for early start 2021

Modern History 1: Read early chapters online!
We realise that not all students receive their textbooks in time for all the holiday reading they’d like to do, so we have made some early chapters available online for a limited time.
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Modern History 1: General Resources

ACTIVITY/TEMPLATE | Topic glossaries | #M1-00
As you read your textbook and other sources, compile key words and their definitions into topic glossaries.

Key Skills: Think Like a Historian

DOWNLOAD | Key skills: Think Like a Historian poster | #M1-02
Print this helpful spread from the textbook so you can refer to it throughout the year.

ACTIVITY | Think Like a Historian | #M1-02
Practise your historical thinking skills with this introductory activity.


World War I

DOWNLOAD | All Snapshot: WWI activities | #M1-S01
Download all Chapter 1 activities in a Word document.

LINK | WWI propaganda posters
View the Imperial War Museums’ collection of WWI recruitment posters.

Ideologies and ‘isms’

Available February 2022.

The Great Depression

Available February 2022.

Cultural Expression

Available February 2022.

Chapter 1: A Changing World

DOWNLOAD | All Chapter 1 activities | #M1-1-01
Download all Chapter 1 activities in a Word document.

ACTIVITY | Key terms revision: Chapter 1 | #M1-1-02
Revise some key terms from this chapter with this match-up task.

VIDEO | King Edward’s funeral, 1910 (7 mins)
View footage of one of the largest and last gatherings of European royalty before WWI.

LINK | Ottoman history with resources
Read more about the history of the Ottoman Empire, ‘an innovative and multicultural state that lasted for over 600 years’, on this page by TeachMideast.

LINK | Living in the British Empire: India
The UK National Archives website provides more information about British rule in India.

ARTICLE | Illusions of empire: Amartya Sen on what British rule really did for India
In this ‘long read’ from The Guardian, Amartya Sen asserts that many of the arguments defending the Raj are based on serious misconceptions. (Also, look out for a link to the podcast on this page.)

VIDEO | Mahatma Gandhi arrives in the UK (3 mins)
Footage showing Indian Nationalist leader Mahatma Gandhi arriving in London in 1931.

ACTIVITIES | Historical sources | #M1-1-03
Analyse a photograph showing a toppled statue of a Russian tsar.

ACTIVITIES | Historical inquiry: Toppling statues in history | #M1-1-04
Undertake a historical inquiry comparing the removal of statues during two periods in history.

VIDEO | 2,000 years of Chinese history! The mandate of heaven and Confucius (12 mins)
In Crash Course World History #7, John Green gives an overview of the Chinese dynasties, Confucius and the ‘mandate of heaven’.

DOWNLOAD | More info: The Boxer Rebellion in China | #M1-1-05
Read about the Boxer Rebellion, which took place in China in 1900.

ACTIVITY | Extension task: A changing world | #M1-1-06
Research a significant individual associated with European colonialism.

DOWNLOAD | Further reading: Chapter 1 | #M1-1-07
A list of relevant fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as films, for those who want to learn more!

Chapter 2: The Peacemakers

Available February 2022.

Ch3: The Russian Revolution

Available February 2022.

Chapter 4: Stalin’s Russia

Available February 2022.

Ch5: The Rise of Nazism

Available February 2022.

Chapter 6: Life in the Third Reich

Available February 2022.

Chapter 7: The Roaring Twenties in America

Available February 2022.

Chapter 8: The Great Depression in America

Available February 2022.

Chapter 9: The Causes of World War II

Available February 2022.

Additional Material

Available February 2022.