Agora (2016/Issue 1) – Revolutions

Agora is a journal of curated professional reading for history teachers. This digital download contains a wide range of articles about one of the defining events of the mid-late 20th Century: the Cold War.

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Editorial | Alan Tiller
President’s Introduction | Ashley Wood

Debating History in the Australian Curriculum: A Clash of Paradigms? | Bridget Martin
Can the public debate surrounding the recent Review of the Australian Curriculum for History be understood as a clash of paradigms?

War and the French Revolution | Dr Gavin Daly
What was the relationship between war and the French Revolution?

Civil War and Revolution in British North America | Dr Anthony Page
The American Revolution began as a rebellion in Britain’s North American colonies and became a civil war between Patriots and Loyalists.

The New VCE History (Revolutions) Study Design: Renewal, Tragedy or Farce? | Dr Paul Cocks
A reflection on the opportunity the new study design offers if teachers and examination writers understand the failure of the old.

NOTE: This content reflects on the 2016-2021 VCE History study design.

The French Revolution and Europe – Its Echoes, Its Influence, Its Impact | Dr Darius von Güttner
The French Revolution had a profound impact on the lives of all people in Europe

The Ukrainian Revolution (1917–21) | Andrew A. Pyrcz
The Russian Revolution of 1917 was the catalyst for the phoenix-like rise of Ukrainian nationalism as a political force to be reckoned with.

The First Chinese Soviet Republic (Jiangxi Soviet) 1928–34 | Rachael Rosedale
How important was the Jiangxi Soviet to the success of the Communist revolution?

The Fall of the Roman Republic | Professor R. T. Ridley
How can we explain one of the most momentous events in Western history: the collapse of the Roman Republic after an existence of half a millennium? (This is an edited version of a paper given at the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria Annual Conference, July 2015.)

Networking the Revolutions | Margaret Simkin
How can teachers of Revolutions make learning easier for themselves and their students?

Gilbert and the Guardians of Melbourne | Dr Jo Clyne
A new digital storybook for primary school students investigates the founding of Melbourne through the eyes of Gilbert, Melbourne’s first cat.

MacRobertson’s Confectionery Factory | Dr Jo Clyne
A new digital exhibition explores the fascinating life of Macpherson Robertson, founder of the MacRobertson’s Confectionery Factory and one of Melbourne’s best-known entrepreneurs.


Tribute – Vale Emeritus Scholar Dr John Hirst (9 July 1942 – 5 February 2016) | Dr Rosalie Triolo