Agora (2017/Issue 2) – Empires

Agora is a journal of curated professional reading for history teachers. This digital download covers a broad range of articles about empires – both modern and ancient.

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Editorial | Alan Tiller
President’s Introduction | Dr Rosalie Triolo

Bring Out Your Bicycles: How Australia Beat the Black Death (1900–1925) | Dr Jo Clyne
While the initial hysteria surrounding an Australian outbreak of the bubonic plague in 1900 led to quack medicines and opportunistic advertising, it also gave rise to improved public hygiene standards and epidemic management protocols that were later employed during other Australian epidemics.

Global Empires in the World of 2017 | Professor Trevor Burnard
What does the study of global empires over time add to an understanding of our world today?

Ancient Egypt: Mummification and Burial Sites as Historical Resources | Dr Janet Davey
Scientific examinations of mummified human remains and evidence unearthed at burial sites have provided extraordinary information about life in ancient Egypt.

Stalin and Ukraine’s Holodomor (1932–1933) | Andrew A. Pyrcz
In 1932–33, Joseph Stalin used famine as a political weapon to attack Ukrainian nationalism, decimate Ukrainian peasantry and suppress challenges to forced collectivisation and his Soviet Russian regime.

Ostia Antica: A Roman City | Diana Millar
The history of Ostia mirrors that of Rome – its rise, its prosperity under Pax Romana and its decline and fall.

Australia at War: The Evacuation of Children in World War II | Ann Howard
Based on extracts from her book A Carefree War, Ann Howard discusses the history of voluntary child evacuees in Australia during World War II.

Teaching Australia’s Relationship with Asia | Adrian Skerritt
Australia’s relationship with Asia has a fascinating history and the current curriculum provides students with many opportunities to study these vital and evolving links.

Judgement Chart – Bring Your Own Documents! |
Craig Townsend
How a simple chart can be used to encourage students to think like an historian.

Using Holocaust Testimony in the History Classroom | Matthew Muscat
Some practical resources and strategies for using survivor testimony when teaching students about the Holocaust.

Ancient Egypt – A Differentiated Task | Jacki Tossol
A differentiated task on ancient Egypt for Year 7 history students.

Teaching Ancient China in Year 7 – Activities and Resources | Lynne Hagiwara
A range of activities and resources for teachers planning a Year 7 unit of work on ancient China.

Holding History: Heritage Victoria’s Artefact Education Kits | Brandi Bugh and Anne-Louise Muir
Heritage Victoria has developed hands-on artefact kits that allow primary school students to study history through interactive activities.