History Teaching Masterclass: Every Student Can Succeed at History [Access Code]

HTAV’s masterclass series brings you practising teachers and other experts sharing the things they really know about and/or have tested successfully in their setting.

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Any student who enjoys history can experience some success in it. That is the premise of this masterclass which will provide teachers with strategies to ‘lift’ their students in the History classroom. Covering source analysis, critical thinking, literacy, writing and vocabulary development and more, teachers will discover how to differentiate and scaffold for the students who struggle.

This Masterclass was originally recorded on the 6th of May 2021 and consists of two sessions with a duration of 45 mins each.

Please note: The views and advice presented in the masterclass recordings are not necessarily the views of HTAV. Teachers should use their professional judgement to decide whether to implement or apply what they learn.


Session 1 | Building Source Analysis Skills in 21st Century Learners
Maddi Schmidt, St Francis Xavier College
Focusing on differentiated learning activities, this session will look at strategies for unpacking sources, ideas for scaffolding student responses and approaches for fostering student independence in thinking critically.


Session 2 | Jumping on Board the History Train
Alexis Watson, Norwood Secondary College
History can be quite challenging for students who find it difficult to access the content, but as teachers we need to create a positive environment where our students can achieve some success. In this session, Alexis will provide attendees with strategies to support students who struggle with literacy, focusing specifically on writing and vocabulary development. Alexis will also provide some tips to engage some of the more reluctant learners in the History classroom.