Beyond the Book

Additional material to accompany HTAV textbooks. Password required.

**Online chapters for early start 2021**

We realise that not all students receive their textbooks in time for all the holiday reading they’d like to do, so we have made some early chapters available online for a limited time.
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Ancient History

Ancient Rome cover

Ancient Rome

Ancient Greece cover

Ancient Greece

Modern History

Cover for Modern History 1

Modern History 1        (now available!)




Cover for Modern History 2

Modern History 2 (available May 2022)


Cover for Forging America, 3rd edition

Forging America, 3rd edition (now available!)

Cover for Liberating France, 3rd edition

Liberating France, 3rd edition (now available!)

Cover for Reinventing Russia, 3rd edition

Reinventing Russia, 3rd edition (now available!)

Cover for China Rising, 3rd edition

China Rising, 3rd edition (now available!)