History Teaching Masterclass: Every Student Can Write Historically [Access Code]

HTAV’s masterclass series brings you practising teachers and other experts sharing the things they really know about and/or have tested successfully in their setting.

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Students can find it difficult to transfer their historical thinking and knowledge into well-formulated written work. That is the premise of this masterclass which will provide teachers with strategies to help improve their students’ historical writing skills.

This Masterclass was originally recorded on the 24th of August 2021 and consists of two sessions with a duration of 45 mins each.

Please note: The views and advice presented in the masterclass recordings are not necessarily the views of HTAV. Teachers should use their professional judgement to decide whether to implement or apply what they learn.


Session 1
Bronwyn Cook, Dandenong High School
One of the more difficult tasks facing History teachers is supporting students to get to the next level in their History writing. In this session, Bronwyn will present practical strategies designed to help students of all literacy levels. This session will focus on both developing students’ engagement in History, and their ability to communicate their ideas. This session is designed to support teachers at different stages of their career, and teachers who are teaching out of their method. The tips will be applicable in History classes at all year levels.


Session 2
Stephen White, Oxley Christian College
How often do you hear students say, ‘I’m just not a very good writer’? This is a mindset that can discourage students in the Middle Years and maybe prevent them from pursuing VCE History, even if it is a passion. However, with dedication and a strategic approach, History teachers can help most students in their classes become effective writers. In this session, we discuss strategies and tips that you can use with your students to build their historical writing skills, develop their technique and improve their confidence in History.