Agora (2018/Issue 1) – Digital Learning

Agora is a journal of curated professional reading for history teachers. This digital download covers a broad range of articles about discipline-specific digital and multimedia-based learning.

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President’s Introduction | Rosalie Triolo
Editorial | Jo Clyne


Equipping the Digital History Student, Teacher and Classroom of Today and Tomorrow | Simon Baker
What is a digital history teacher and what does a digital history classroom look like?

‘Doing History’ – Using Documentary Filmmaking to Teach History | Vanessa Pratt
Using primary and secondary sources and available technology, a group of Year 9 students created documentary films to explain the impact of World War I on individuals and engage with history.

Treasures from the Past: Developing Critical Thinking in the Primary Classroom | Natasha Ziebell and Liz Suda
Carrying out source analysis, especially with objects, can help young students develop their understanding of historical concepts and skills.

Embedding Technology in the History Classroom | Margaret Simkin
How do our history teachers employ technology for learning in their secondary classrooms?

Technology – It’s Here to Stay, and That’s a Good Thing! | Nick Frigo
It is not only important for teachers to instil a passion for a student’s chosen subjects – including history, of course – but also prepare them for the world they are entering.

Clubbing Together: Engaging Students and Teachers Through History Clubs | Sara Amos and Michael Trumble; Josh Judson
Teachers from two schools describe the energy and achievements of their History Clubs, including extracurricular opportunities such as the National History Challenge and the Kids’ Conference.


The Federation Project: A Year 4/5 Inquiry | Emily Fintelman
How can digital technologies be used to bring the stories of history alive?

Virtually There – Digital Excursions with the National Trust | Michelle Kiag
The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has developed digital resources that allow students to remotely access significant historical sites and provide them with exciting and valuable educational experiences.

Developing Historical Knowledge, Concepts and Skills with the MY:24 App | Janine Kelly

An introduction to the MY:24 series and free filmmaking app, and how it might be used within the Levels 5/6 History curriculum.

Telling a History Story Using Lego Stop‑Motion Filmmaking | Patrick Ryan
A high school student describes the process of using apps and everyday items to tell the iconic story of the Great Ocean Road in a prize-winning Lego film.

The University of Melbourne Extension Program – History | Emily Shallcross
This article explores the experiences of secondary school student Emily Shallcross who participated in The University of Melbourne’s Extension Program.

Online Search Strategy | Ben Lawless
The ability to conduct effective online searches and critically evaluate sources are important research skills for students. This article contains essential tips for students and teachers.

Using Popular Culture to Intrigue Your Students | Jem Duducu and Greg Chapman
Exploring the history behind the façade of television, movies and other forms of pop culture.