Agora (2018/Issue 2) – Senior History

Agora is a journal of curated professional reading for history teachers. This digital download covers a broad range of articles about history in the senior years.

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Editorial | Katrina Burge
President’s Introduction | Rosalie Triolo

The Many Voices of Senior History Curriculum Enactment | Rebecca Cairns
Who really decides what History students are taught? New research finds both pragmatism and surprising insights when teachers talk about this contested topic.

Peace and Future Cannon Fodder: The Armistice and The Treaty of Versailles | Elisa Litvin
Will it change how you teach the Treaty of Versailles when you realise Germany didn’t think it had lost the First World War?

The Rise and Demise of the Soviet Russian Empire: The Nationalities Factor | Andrew A. Pyrcz
Was the Soviet Union ever truly a union, or were numerous nationalities and languages subsumed under Russian communist imperialism that was as stifling as the tsarist regime?

The Black Jacobins: The Haitian Slave Revolt and the French Revolution | Michael Adcock
The revolutionary government of France didn’t know how to react when the slaves of their Caribbean colony claimed liberty, equality and fraternity for themselves as well as their owners.

Rome: City and Empire | Lily Withycombe
The ‘Rome: City and Empire’ exhibition in Canberra showcases over 200 Roman objects from the British Museum, from coins and statues to gladiator tourist merchandise.

‘Why Isn’t This as Fun as Year 7?’ Managing Stress and Senior History | Elizabeth Morgan
How to help students (and teachers) survive the stress and maintain their enthusiasm during the challenging and rewarding senior years.

VCAA Advice on VCE History School-assessed Coursework | Gerry Martin
Some common teacher concerns and questions about SACs are addressed by Gerry Martin, VCAA Curriculum Manager, History and Civics.

Historical Inquiry in the International Baccalaureate | Ilja Van Weringh
In this article, an experienced IB teacher explores ways in which historical inquiry is used in the IB, and how these ideas could be used in VCE History studies.

Red, Green and In-Between: Using Political Concepts to Drive Historical Understanding in VCE History | Catherine Hart
Colourful ways to tackle students’ fear of big concepts.