Agora (2018/Issue 3) – Teaching History

Agora is a journal of curated professional reading for history teachers. This digital download covers a broad range of articles about history teaching practice.

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Editorial | Katrina Burge
President’s Introduction | Rosalie Triolo

3D-Printed Facsimiles as Classroom Primary Sources: A Comparative Review | Alistair Kwan and Karl Butler
3D printing brings ancient artefacts into the hands of your students.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective History Teachers | Luke Cashman
What habits should History teachers cultivate as they strive to reach their professional potential as educators?

Growing High Standards: Using the AITSL Standards to Develop Your Teaching | Luke Skehan
The AITSL Standards are an unexpectedly flexible and powerful learning tool for shaping teachers’ professional learning.

Teaching History, Teaching Complexity | Alan Sears
A prominent Canadian history educator talks about the importance of complexity in historical debates, and how even very young students embrace it.

Exploring Educational Excellence Abroad | Felicity Irwin
A study trip offers insights into the success of the renowned Finnish educational system.

Crafting an Historical Essay from Conception to Final Submission | Namrata Shipstone
How to convince students that writing great essays does matter and can be learnt.

The History Teacher, the School Librarian and the Zone of Mutual Benefit | Deb Hull
History teachers and school librarians can be strong allies in the pursuit of student engagement and excellence.

The Dynamics of Single-Student VCE Classes | Sarah Clare and Jo Cartwright
The unique advantages and challenges of teaching a class with only one student.

Ancient History, Country Life and Bertrand Russell | Rodney Knight
A former HTAV president reflects on busyness, forty years of teaching and a treechange.

Exploring the Ancient World Without Leaving Melbourne | Christopher Gribbin
Learn about everything from Minoan lavatories to Socratic argument at the Hellenic Museum Summer School.