Agora (2019/Issue 2) – Inclusion and Differentiation

Agora is a journal of curated professional reading for history teachers. This digital download covers a broad range of articles about Inclusion & Differentiation.

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Reflection | Rosalie Triolo
Editorial | Katrina Burge


Teaching History in a Culturally Diverse Classroom | Bronwyn Cook
The musings of a Victorian Government secondary school teacher of History.

A Differentiated Approach to Historical Inquiry | Dr Gemma Scarparolo
How to motivate and engage students through differentiation in historical inquiry

Using Data to Target Teaching | Ben Lawless
Effective assessment is the key to improved teaching and individualised learning

Challenges and Checklists: Implementing Differentiation | Dr Wouter Smets
Pedagogy provides a solid rationale for differentiated instruction in the History classroom, but this is not always an easy skill for teachers to acquire


Teaching from an Overflow: Develop, Deliver, Differentiate | Erin Bagot and Rodney Latham
Tried and tested techniques, combined with a love of history, make differentiated instruction rewarding for teachers as well as students.

Finding the Right Words: Literacy in the History Classroom | Alexis Watson and Stephania Johnson-Turner
Set your students up for success by implementing literacy strategies to improve historical understanding and skills.

A Spectrum of Inclusion: Strategies for Students with ASD | Amy Farrell
Flexibility, innovation and adaptation are key to creating an ASD-friendly classroom.

Social Scripts for Inclusive Excursions | Marilyn Price and Katie Dunning
The Old Treasury Building has created a practical and reassuring social script to help students (and teachers) prepare for a visit.

Gifted and Talented Students Will Succeed Anyway, Won’t They? | Myra Karantzas
Helping the students you might think don’t need any help.

A Student Perspective on Competitions | Albert Edgell-Taylor
A 2018 History Challenge prize-winner used personal challenges as an opportunity to excel.

Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes | Mary Tomsic; Anna Dollard, Margaret Robson Kett and Georgia McRae
Children’s personal stories as sources for teaching histories of migration and forced displacement.

Five Reasons Why You Will Love Teaching Big History | Casey Lever
13.8 billion years of history, mapped to the Australian Curriculum.