History Teaching Fundamentals – Secondary [eCourse Module]

HTAV HistoryEDge eCourses are on-demand professional learning modules designed to enhance your career and teaching practice. All our modules are purchase-able and delivered through our specially-designed eCourse website.


The module introduces eight fundamental elements of effective History teaching. In each topic you will be presented with descriptions and explanations of various aspects of History teaching. You will be provided with resources, key terminology, explanations, activities, and suggestions for further reading to gain more information.

Time required: 16 Hours

Every topic will take approx. 2 hours (including the task at the end of the topic). We recommend completing 2 topics per week. 

Assessment: There is an interactive quiz at the end of each section to help you process the information you have covered. You must achieve an 80% pass rate to move onto the next section. You may retake the quiz up to twenty times until you are able to achieve 80%.

Each section includes a professional development task. This is an optional activity to further your own practice. Submission of this task is not a compulsory part of this module.

A statement of module completion will be provided for all  participants that successfully complete all topic assessment tasks.