On Teaching: For New Graduates ISBN 9780645170467



How do you create a welcoming classroom?
When do you really become a teacher?
Which snacks are best for parent teacher evenings?

On Teaching is a survival guide-on-the-side for new graduates and returning teachers. Drawing on Bianca Hewes’ experience in Sydney high schools, and incorporating the voices of students and other teachers, this is an engaging, insightful, and generous mentor-meets-manifesto. Join Bianca as she explains why being a teacher in not always a dream but also shares the many ways it has given her genuine joy, pride and purpose.



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Bianca Hewes




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Table of Contents

1 On becoming a teacher
2 On finding your place in school
3 On teacher myths and stereotypes
4 On keeping fit and healthy
5 On establishing a healthy work/life balance
6 On creating a welcoming classroom
7 On lesson design
8 On program writing
9 On connecting with students
10 On student engagement
11 On managing emotions
12 On asking for help, saying ‘no’ and maintaining autonomy
13 On assessment
14 On marking
15 On reporting
16 On parent-teacher evenings
17 On attending meetings and professional learning
18 On social media
19 On farewelling a beloved class
20 On school holidays
21 On burn out, thoughts about quitting, and celebrating small wins